Spark Safety

The Bureau of Land Management approached Maverik to produce a series of commercials to promote wild fire safety to run across the Maverik network including stores, gas pumps, and social media. Their goals were to do something entertaining that drove home good outdoor recreation habits that prevent wildfires. The topics we identified for this first round of videos were dragging trailer chains, parking ATV’s on dry grass, and target shooting safety. Each of these examples create many wildfires every year. Also important to them was that we showcase the beauty of lands managed by the BLM.

The concept I developed was to play off old western movie tropes but each with a twist. We landed on the name of Spark Safety and I concieved, developed, dp’ed, and edited these three spots. Two more are currently in production. They have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in Maverik stores and gasoline pumps as well as through the social media channels of Maverik and the Bureau of Land Management.

Shot over 3 days in 3 locations around Las Vegas, N.V. each shoot possessed its own unique challenges. But, these spots have proven to be very successful for the Bureau of Land Management and have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times through Maverik’s network of 400 stores in 11 states.