Ads and Commercial Work

I love commercials. Commercials are concise, precise, and impactful. But, they also need to be memorable and jarring. From concept, to shoot, to edit, I love getting into the process of creating a great advertisement. I’ve delivered hundreds of commercial spots for television, social, retail, and targeted media.

Spark Safety

Created for Maverik and the Bureau of Land Management, these spots were meant to inform the public about the importance of being careful with guns, campfires, fireworks, and ATV’s to help prevent wildfires. The BLM reached out to Maverik because of their large network of in-house media knowing that these spots would be seen by millions in the stores and at the gas pumps at Maverik stores in 11 states.

The BLM wanted to make sure we produced these spots on federal BLM lands and I wanted to play with some old West motif’s, so, we set out to the deserts of Nevada for this round of 3 ads. We currently have two more in the pipe. Stay tuned.

Make It A Combo

Maverik wanted to promote their Make It A Combo Special on social media. I decided to turn it into a food fight. Lots of fun was had with flying food and high frame rates. These ads preformed well all over the web and social media with millions of impressions.