Sasquatch Stocks Up – Jack Links

This a spot I recently did with Jack Links and Maverik. We were very excited to do this spot with Jack Links when we found out they would be willing to loan us their Sasquatch costume. The Jack Links Sasquatch has a rather long history as a brand mascot going back many years and they are obviously very protective of it. Along with the costume we had to find talent that was at least 6′ 3″, and there were several videos and phone conversations about how to get in the costume and how to behave in the costume. Jack Links was thrilled with the results and customers are scooping up the Jerky at Maverik’s around the west like, well, a hungry Sasquatch.

Doing commercials this short is a fun challenge. You’ve got to pack it in tight. I helped conceive this concept and served as the Director of Photography and Editor. Enjoy