Red Bull Rampage 2022 Mountain Biking Contest

RedBull Rampage is the premiere event in Freeride Mountain Biking. Held in Virgin, Utah adjacent to Zion National Park on a set of rotating venues, the invitation only contestants have the opportunity to create their own lines down mountainsides littered with rocks, cliffs, and ravines. Riders are expected to use their creativity and create their own jumps.

Last year I worked with Jaxson Riddle, this year due to some other projects I was only able to shoot the day of, which made things challenging, but, I still walked away with some great footage. Which isn’t too hard when you have the world’s greatest mountain bikers hitting huge jumps in drops right in front of your lens. This video was made with RedBull and Maverik for the Maverik Media Network. It’s 90% my footage with some shots from the RedBull Content Pool to round it out. The edit was done by me. This is airing at 400 Maverik locations in the stores and gas pumps.