Jaxson Riddle – 2021 Red Bull Rampage

Meet Jaxson Riddle, a young and talented Freeride Mountain Biker. I was lucky to be able to hang with Jaxson and his crew at the Red Bull Rampage in Hurricane, Utah in October 2021 and produce this piece for Maverik. I was the Director of Photography and the Editor on this video for social media and in the stores.

Red Bull Rampage is the preeminent Mountain Biking contest held in Southern Utah every fall. The world’s best mountain bikers come from all over the world to compete on these legendary courses. Jaxson Riddle is a local boy who has long dreamed of competing with his heroes on this hometown course. Each team is allowed to sculpt their own line out of the sand of Southern Utah to throw down their best tricks in front of thousands of fans.

2021 Red Bull Rampage greatest hits.