Video Editing

The magic is in the edit. I love taking a hard drive of footage and weaving it into a story. I’m well versed in the Adobe Suite and have the computer power to crank out edits all the way up to 8k 360 video experiences. Documentary, corporate, infographics, product demos, instructional videos, kickstarters… Give us your footage and tell us your dream, let’s make it happen.

Below are just a couple fun pieces that I’ve worked on. Check out the editing section of the blog for more.

The Snowblader

Shot 22 produced and edited this piece about Burke Weir, a regular feature at Utah’s ski resorts. Known for his wacky outerwear and tiny skis, Jacob Callaghan was the cinematographer on this piece, and I had about 6 hours of footage and interviews to go through and get down to 5 minutes. It was easy to let Burke’s stoke and love of skiing shine through.

Snowbird Ski Patrol

A day in the life of Snowbird Ski Patrol running snow safety routes on one of the gnarliest mountains anywhere. Shot 22 embedded with Patrol to make this piece. The edit really portrays how this is more than a job. It’s a calling.