Content Creation

It’s been said many times, content is king. And nothing moves the needle like video content. Shot 22 Video Production can help promote your brand, inform customers, educate new employees, or update your board of directors, Shot 22 can help convey your message to your audience whether that be the public, customers, or corporate partners. With millions of views logged for our clients, we can make your vision reality. Take a look at our demo reel to get a taste of some of the projects we have worked on.

Content needs to be crafted for the platform it will be displayed on. Whether it appears on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, Shot 22 can tailor your content to the constraints of the platform in order to perform it’s best.  Whether it’s cutting down a five minute piece to fit a one minute instagram format or adding subtitles to a Facebook video, Shot 22 always keeps the focus on your content.