The 100 Year Old Skier

Over the past 6 years I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with George Jedenoff, the #100yearoldskier. When I first met George, he was a spry 95.5 years old. I remember being worried that he would break his hip or something during our ski day, I was amazed by the guy I met. Not only did he rip but we also learned that he was a WWII veteran, a former steel mill manager, a cancer survivor, a devoted husband, father, and grandfather, and a lifetime season pass holder to Alta. At the end of the ski day we left amazed and decided to give George an epic ski video. This is what we came up with.


A year later we were excited when George called us back up wanted to do it again. We thought sure why not. What blossomed after that was amazing. Doing millions of views between Youtube and Facebook, George has become an inspiration to people all over the globe. One of my favorite videos I made is this one below from George’s 99th year.


I think “The Powder Philosophy” is probably George’s favorite one. He told me this concept and we ran with it.


All of this culminated last summer when we arranged for George to ski on July 5th at Snowbird. It was a full media spectacle and despite challenging conditions George crushed it.  I had to crank this edit out in about 1 hour to distribute to media outlets.


Our collaboration with George has resulted in many amazing things like PR wins for the Utah Ski Industry and helping George inspire people around the world with his positivity and message of staying active in your senior years. But, the best thing is the friendship we’ve developed over the years. I spoke with him just the other day on his 101st birthday. He said he had just played a round of golf and was looking forward to coming out to Utah again this winter. I sure hope so.