Commercial Studio Work

For Maverik, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of commercial studio work. It’s been a fun challenge when most of my work has been documentary and outdoors cinematography. These were all shot with the Sony FX3.

The Peak Adventure Sweepstakes

The challenge with this shoot, as with everything lately, was the supply chain. We literally couldn’t get the parts to finish the build out on this truck and we didn’t want to show an unfinished prize vehicle. But, we still needed content to drive entries to the sweepstakes. So, I decided to focus the video precisely on what we could show. We pulled this 4Runner into the studio, fogged it, lit it, and I think it turned out nicely.

Smokey Meats

We call this an Appetite Appeal video. It ran on social media and in our stores to promote our new BBQ offerings. I’d would never show food that was not representative of what Maverik actually delivers to their customers, so, we went straight to the company that smokes the meat and pulled some stuff right our of the smoker. We setup a little mobile setup and got this. It makes me hungry.

Make It A Combo

One of several videos I shot promoting Maverik’s Make it a Combo Promotion. If nothing else you have to admit that the M.O.A.B. is a great name for a burrito.